The Psychopath

The Psychopath
ISBN/EAN: 9780631233367
Sprak: Engelsk
Kategori: Helse- og sosialfag
Forfatter: James Blair, Derek Mitchellog Karina Blair
Antall sider: 216
Forlag: John Wiley and Sons Ltd
Utgivelsesar: 2005

Psychopaths continue to be demonised by the media and estimates suggest that a disturbing percentage of the population has psychopathic tendencies.

This timely and controversial new book summarises what we already know about psychopathy and antisocial behavior and puts forward a new case for its cause - with far-reaching implications. It presents the scientific facts of psychopathy and antisocial behavior. It addresses key questions, such as: What is psychopathy? Are there psychopaths amongst us? What is wrong with psychopaths? Is psychopathy due to nature or nurture? And can we treat psychopaths? It reveals the authors' ground-breaking research into whether an underlying abnormality in brain development leaves psychopaths with an inability to feel emotion or fear. The resulting theory could lead to early diagnosis and revolutionize the way society, the media and the state both views and contends with the psychopaths in our midst.

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