The Innocent Mage

The Innocent Mage
ISBN/EAN: 9780316067805
Sprak: Engelsk
Kategori: E-bøker
Forfatter: Karen Miller
Serie: Kingmaker, Kingbreaker
Forlag: Little, Brown & Company
Utgivelsesar: 2007

"The Innocent Mage is come, and we stand at the beginning of the end of everything."Being a fisherman like his father isn't a bad life, but it's not the one that Asher wants.

Despite his humble roots, Asher has grand dreams. And they call him to Dorana, home of princes, beggars?and the warrior mages who have protected the kingdom for generations.Little does Asher know, however, that his arrival in the city is being closely watched by members of the Circle, people dedicated to preserving an ancient magic. Asher might have come to the city to make his fortune, but he will find his destiny.

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