The Killing Room

The Killing Room
ISBN/EAN: 9780751550207
Sprak: Engelsk
Kategori: E-bøker
Forfatter: Richard Montanari
Antall sider: 448
Serie: Byrne and Balzano
Forlag: Little, Brown Book Group
Utgivelsesar: 2013

'The thing is, Detective...If you believe in God, you've got to believe in the Devil.' Deepest winter. Darkest Philadelphia. A murder shocks the frozen city - the most spectacular homicide in its 300-year-old history: an ex-cop has been lured to the basement of an abandoned chapel, wrapped in barbed wire - and kept alive for ten days. Twenty-four hours after the discovery, Detectives Kevin Byrne and Jessica Balzano find another victim in another church, encased in a pristine block of ice.

Someone is transforming the city's cathederals into killing rooms, someone who is determined to raise hell on earth. Packed with ingenious twists and relentless excitement, The Killing Room is a novel of blistering thrills and heart-stopping suspense.

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