The Good House

The Good House
ISBN/EAN: 9781782393207
Sprak: Engelsk
Kategori: E-bøker
Forfatter: Ann Leary
Antall sider: 304
Forlag: Atlantic Books
Utgivelsesar: 2013

Hildy Good has reached that dangerous time in a woman's life - middle-aged and divorced, she is an oddity in her small but privileged town.

But Hildy isn't one for self-pity and instead meets the world with a wry smile, a dark wit and a glass or two of Pinot Noir. When her two earnest grown-up children stage an 'intervention' and pack Hildy off to an addiction centre, she thinks all this fuss is ridiculous. After all, why shouldn't she enjoy a drink now and then? But we start to see another side to Hildy Good, and to her life's greatest passion. Soon, a cluster of secrets become dangerously entwined, with devastating consequences...

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