China Dolls

China Dolls
ISBN/EAN: 9781408853276
Sprak: Engelsk
Kategori: E-bøker
Forfatter: Lisa See
Antall sider: 400
Forlag: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Utgivelsesar: 2015

It's 1938 and the exclusive Oriental nightclub in San Francisco's Forbidden City is holding auditions for showgirls. In the dark, scandalous glamour of the club, three girls from very different backgrounds stumble into each other lives.

All the girls have secrets. Grace, an American-born Chinese girl, has fled the Midwest and an abusive father. Helen is from a Chinese family which has deep roots in San Francisco's Chinatown. And, as both her friends know, Ruby is Japanese passing as Chinese. Then, in a heartbeat, everything changes. The Japanese attack Pearl Harbor and paranoia, suspicion, and a shocking act of betrayal, threaten to destroy their lives.

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