One Endless Summer

One Endless Summer
ISBN/EAN: 9780008211479
Sprak: Engelsk
Kategori: Romaner
Forfatter: Laurie Ellingham
Antall sider: 432
Forlag: HarperCollins Publishers
Utgivelsesar: 2017

'This is a remarkable book, in that it is incredibly uplifting, not depressing in the least. The perfect summer read.' Brew and Books Review Three best friends. Three continents. Three months to live. How long can you keep a secret? Three best friends are embarking on an all-expenses paid trip of their dreams. The only catch? Every moment will be documented on film. Lizzie's battle with cancer is coming to an end, and now she's ready to embrace adventure for the very first time. There are only three months, but it is Lizzie's time to finally start living! Jaddi is known for her stunning looks, flirtatious attitude and many conquests. But Jaddi has a secret and on this last trip together she needs to decide whether her best friends will ever know the real her. Samantha has always been the 'grown up' of the group, the one with a five year plan. What Lizzie and Jaddi don't know is that Sam is trapped, and her perfect life isn't quite what it seems...As they trek across the globe Lizzie, Jaddi and Samantha must come to terms with loss, love and trusting one another. But will it all be too late...'Speechless at just how breathtaking this book really is.'
Rachel Gilbey 'Mind-blowing, enchanting, heart-breaking, moving, spell-binding and emotional.' The Writing Garnet

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