The Turnip

The Turnip
ISBN/EAN: 9780399170706
Sprak: Engelsk
Kategori: Barn og ungdom
Forfatter: Jan Brett
Antall sider: 32
Forlag: Penguin Putnam Inc
Utgivelsesar: 2017

In a rollicking, cumulative tale, a badger family and their friends Hedgie, Mr. Ram and Vanya, the horse struggle to pull up a giant turnip. A cocky rooster steps in and pulls, sending him into the air, holding onto the turnip. No one knows that a mother bear in her underground den has kicked the turnip up through the soil to give the family room to sleep through the winter. Once again Jan Brett brings an original twist to a favorite folktale. Snow covers the farm in rural Russia as badgers and friends in old-fashioned clothes, and bears marching through bright-colored borders, send young readers laughing from page to page."

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