The Deavys

The Deavys
ISBN/EAN: 9781504015899
Sprak: Engelsk
Kategori: Barn og ungdom
Forfatter: Alan Dean Foster
Forlag: Open Road Media
Utgivelsesar: 2016

A decidedly non-Ordinary family (and their talking cat) must embark on a magical mission in this tale from New York Times bestselling author Alan Dean Foster. For any normal teenage boy, having two and a half younger sisters would be enough to deal with. But Simwan Deavy s life isn t normal.

His family is non-Ord short for non-Ordinary which means that at school, he and his sisters learn hexing and enchanting along with history and math. It also means they have a ghost for an uncle and a cat who talks. Still, everything is going well for Simwan until a bottle of Truth is stolen from the local pharmacy. Now the Deavys favorite woods are under threat from development their mother, whose life depends on the Truth, is growing weaker and the world as they know it might never be the same.

With the help of their cat, Pithfwid, the Deavys track the loathsome, horrible Crub to his lair in New York City. But the Crub has laid traps, turning a dangerous city into a deadly one. To succeed at their mission, the Deavys will have to stick together or the Truth may be lost forever."

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