Bloody Cross: Vol. 9

Bloody Cross: Vol. 9
ISBN/EAN: 9780316352161
Sprak: Engelsk
Kategori: E-bøker
Forfatter: Shiwo Komeyama
Antall sider: 224
Forlag: Little, Brown & Company
Utgivelsesar: 2015

Nao's sacrifice has proven his loyalties once and for all, and in the smoldering wake of his subordinate's final effort, Tsuzuki must regroup and reassess before the next Crusade begins. The struggle to glean information from the prophecy books continues, and what the angel learns next casts a dark shadow over his campaign. Satsuki may not have been the worst of his enemies in the fray...and with Tsukimiya brainwashed, who will fight for Tsuzuki's cause?!

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