Teaching Online

Teaching Online
ISBN/EAN: 9780415832434
Sprak: Engelsk
Kategori: Pedagogikkog Fagbøker
Forfatter: Susan Koog Steve Rossen
Antall sider: 510
Forlag: Taylor & Francis Ltd
Utgivelsesar: 2017

Teaching Online: A Practical Guide is an accessible, introductory, and comprehensive guide for anyone who teaches online. The fourth edition of this bestselling resource has been fully revised, maintains its reader-friendly tone, and offers exceptional practical advice, new teaching examples, faculty interviews, and an updated resource section. New to this edition: * entire new chapter on MOOCs (massive open online courses) * expanded information on teaching with mobile devices, using open educational resources, and learning analytics * additional interviews with faculty, case studies, and examples * spotlight on new tools and categories of tools, especially multimedia. Focusing on the "hows" and "whys" of implementation rather than theory, the fourth edition of Teaching Online is a must-have resource for anyone teaching online or thinking about teaching online.

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